19 Jul 2013, 4:20pm

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  • “Chạy”

    When comparing about the equivalent moving, we can see that English have the word “run”; “courir” and “filer” in French and in Russian is “begat’”,…, they are all in the meaning of moving (have the direction or not). However, in Vietnamese, the word “chạy” has a lot of meaning, depending on the word following it. Let’s take a look at these two groups:

    Group 1: chạy giặc, chạy bão, chạy mưa, chạy tội, chạy án…

    Group 2: chạy gạo, chạy tiền, chạy việc, chạy điểm, chạy thầy, chạy thuốc…

    The same thing in these two groups is that they have the same structure: “chạy + X”, “X” is often a single word. But we can easy recognize the difference in their meanings.

    In group 1, these words have the meaning of running away from the object is mentioned. Chạy giặc (to run away from the war), chạy mưa (to find a place to shelter from the rain), chạy tội, chạy án (to find the way to be innocent)

    Vice versa, in group 2, we use the word “chạy” with the meaning of hoping to have those objects. Chạy gạo (to earn one’s living), chạy việc (to go in search of a job), chạy thầy, chạy thuốc (to go in search of a doctor and medicine).

    Well, This is just a few examples but there are so many complicated things.

    Now a day, in many cases, people don’t have to “chạy” with their legs. They “chạy” by speaking skill, familiar relationships, power, money… so many ways. The best thing is they do not need to go anywhere.

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