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Life in Vietnam:


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  • The differences between Hanoi and Saigon (part 2)




    They call their lovers “anh yêu”, “em yêu”

    They use “ông xã”, “bà xã”.


    You will be considered a rich man when:

    You have a lot of money.

    You spend a lot of money.


    Choosing song, singing for joy, no problem if you get wrong tone.

    Try your best to sing, as good as possible.


    They are very expensive but not practical.

    Very convenient

    A place for relaxing at weekend

    Book store

    The seller is imperious.

    You can read book at the book store to find which book you want or like. If you don’t buy any book, it’s ok, don’t worry about that.


    It’s very quiet, you can have inner peace

    It’s very noisy

    “Chè” (a kind of sweet derrert)

    It’s often contained in a small glass or bowl.

    Contained in a small bag, often including coconut milk, you can bite a hole and suck.

    Cut a lemon

    Cross line cut

    Vertical cut

    Go out:

    Good motorcycle, beautiful dress, but maybe have no money.

    Don’t need to dress so beautiful, but when you ask for money, they will say: “How much do you need?”


    Remember not to haggle. In the morning, if you don’t want to receive  a hot look, and hear bad words

    They just say: “Thanks you, see you next time”


    Emphasizing on the words

    Emphasizing on the gesture

    Pay respects

    You have to address (his/her name) in a respectful way.

    You just need to bow

    Buying something, and you need them to pack faster

    If you want it to be faster, go to another store!

    Ok, I’ll do it now.


    It need to be polite and formal.

    As funny as possible.

    When talking about business

    They will ask you who your father is

    If they recognize your plan is feasible, they will agree.

    Developing a project

    They care about how many they can get from the Central Government.

    The people in Saigon just care about the way to make profit from that project, and how to do that.

    When you come to visit somebody:

    Hosts will invite you to drink tea.

    It’s often coffee or soft drink.

    Talking to friend:

    They use: “cậu” and “tớ”. When friends in Hanoi use “may, tao”, the relationship has become serious

    They use “mày” and “tao”

    Say thanks when given something:

    “Vâng, quý hoá quá”

    “Trời ơi dữ hông”

    Praising food

    “Ngon tuyệt cú mèo”

    “Ngon bá cháy bò chét.”

    Power, water cut

    Mất điện, mất nước

    Cúp điện, cúp nước

    About Girls

    Sun burnt skin, lovable in talking

    White skin, but cold.

    About Boys

    Sun burnt skin and humorous

    White skin and mannered dress.


    A bottle is poured around for all glasses

    Each person keep his own bottle.

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