16 Aug 2013, 9:39pm
Life in Vietnam:

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  • The differences between Hanoi and Saigon (part 1)

    When you study Vietnamese, you will meet some thing that is different between the South and the North of Vietnam.

    This topic will help you have an overview about that different.




    Like the disposition of girls in Hanoi – smoldering and tenaciousness

    Like the disposition of the girls in Saigon – Sour and scornful but easy to forget


    It’s easily to find a motorbike taxi driver working in vest.

    You can dress the shorts with plastic sandals and properly go into Rex (a luxury restaurant in Saigon).


    They call it a transportation with engine. Rarely to see an old or broken motorcycle on the street

    They call it a transportation with two wheels.  Some motorcycle seems to be borrowed from the museum running on the street.

    Mending a puncture at midnight:

    “It’s too late now, 100.000VNĐ and I will mend it for you.”

    “10.000 VND, please!”

    Passenger car:

    They will tell you: Move over, please!

    Each passenger have a particular seat, don’t get more if the car is full.

    Receive a phone call:

    Let’s stand at the crossroad when talking so that others will know who you are.

    If you don’t want your mobile phone wrenched away from you, you should park your motorcycle on the sidewalk for talking.


    Do not turn right when traffic light is red.

    Some places is even allow for turning left.

    When you get a light accident with the other who stops for traffic light

    You will receive an insult.

    They just look back to see who the perpetrator is, and … continue waiting.


    Men in Hanoi can wear shoe without stocking.

    Girls in Saigon can wear stocking without shoe.

    When two girls like the same things

    They said: “You and I buy it.”

    “You bough it, I will find another one.”


    And the formula is also different:

    Coffee shop is very cramped, sometime you can see that two couples are arranged in one table.

    Coffee + milk + two ice cube = ice milk coffee, named “nâu đá” (brown ice), if you want more water, it’s very difficult.

    Coffee shops have a lot of chairs arranged in line.

    A few coffee + a few milk + ice + ice +… + and ice = ice milk coffee. and  you also have a glass of ice tea or a pot of tea to drink for free

    Ice tea:

    You can buy a glass of ice tea with 2.000 VND.

    A glass of ice tea like that can make 4 glasses, but it’s free.

    Fork and dish. (nĩa – đĩa)

    When you say: “cho tôi thêm một cái dĩa”

    You will have a fork.

    They will give you a dish


    It’s very rare

    It is very usually when you here someone say: “thanks”

    Yes (Dạ and Vâng)

    When the elder invites you over for a meal:

    In Hanoi, you should say: “dạ, vâng”

    Just need one word, “dạ” or “vâng”

    Saying love:

    When you speak to a girl: “Thế em có yêu anh không?” (do you love me?)

    The girls in Hanoi will answer: “Nếu nói không thì sao?” (what if I say “no”?)

    The girls in Saigon will answer: “Tại sao lại không nhỉ!” (why not!)


    Found this really interesting and helpful!


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