6 Dec 2012, 3:50pm
Life in Vietnam:

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  • Culinary culture of Vietnamese

    Part I: the synthesis nature

    The way of eating in Vietnamese culture is firstly showed on the way that Vietnamese do the cooking. Most of Vietnamese dishes are the product of a synthesize making: vegetables and vegetables, vegetables and spices, vegetables and meat…

    Untitled 1 Culinary culture of Vietnamese

    Simple as xôi gấc (steamed momordica glutinous rice), ốc nấu (boiling shellfish), phở (noodle soup)… Sophisticated as bánh chưng (square glutinous rice cake), nem rán (fried meat roll) … Or just the sauce, all of them are made from a lot of materials. These materials mixing with each other to make the dishes have full of nutrient: protein, fat, starch, mineral, water. They not only have high nutritional value, but also make a original taste, both delicious of five tastes: salt – fat – sour – pungent – sweet, and beautiful of five colors: black – red – green – white – yellow. With just a bowl of sauce, a clever housewife will make from a lot of material, make it full of tastes: salt of fish sauce, pungent of ginger, chili, sour of lemon, sweet of sugar, and special taste of garlic.

    023 Culinary culture of Vietnamese

    The synthesis nature is also shown on the eating way of Vietnamese. When eating, Vietnamese have a lot of dishes at the same time: cooked rice, soup, vegetable, melon, fish, meat, flying dishes, boiling dishes… This way affect to all human senses: nose sniff the scent of dishes, eyes saw the colorful of dining-table, tongue tastes the dishes, and ears hear the sound when foods are chewed. (Vietnamese like smack the lips when drink tea, and “khà” (a sigh of satisfaction) when drinking). Sometime, Vietnamese fell very comfortable and wonderful when using hands to tear the food (such as boil chicken).

    The delicious of Vietnamese meals is the mixing of many factors:

    Good food but bad weather is not delicious.

    Good weather but bad place is not delicious.

    Good place but has no friend is not delicious.

    Have friend but bad atmosphere is not delicious as well.

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