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Life in Vietnam:

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  • Culinary culture of Vietnamese

    Part II: The community and exemplary nature

    The synthesis has brought out the community nature in Vietnamese eating way: eating together. For this reason, all people in the meal have closely related and depended on each other, and one important thing is Vietnamese likes to talk in the meal. A typical example for this nature is in the way that Vietnamese drinks “Rượu cần” (wine drunk out of a jar through pipes).
    012 Culinary culture of Vietnamese
    The community nature involves people have to have a high eating and drinking culture “Ăn trông nồi, ngồi trông hướng” (thoughtful in eating and sitting). Because all people are interdependent, you have to be considerate in sitting and exemplary in eating. The exemplary nature demands people don’t eat too fast or too slow, too much or too little, and shouldn’t be the last one in meal or leftover. If you eat too fast, you are so rude; in the contrary, you make the other waiting for. If you eat too much, eat to the last one, you are so greedy; too little or leftover, it becomes a way to show that the meal is not good. When you go to the other house for a meal invitation, you should eat deliciously to express your thankfulness and respect to the host, but in the other way, you should leave a bit in dishes to express that you are not greedy or dying of hunger.
    Vietnamese have this sentence: “Ăn hết bị đòn, ăn còn mất vợ
    (in meal, you should eat all dishes but not eating to the last one of the dish, though it’s very delicious, you should leave for the other, but you also should eat clearly you dish, bowl, not to leave over.)

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